About the Army’s Army

THE ARMY’S ARMY was established in May 2008 as the world's only volunteer organization of citizens and businesses who've pledged their moral, physical and spiritual support to those in the military. Specifically, we will do everything we can to make soldiers and their families feel welcome, appreciated and safe. We don’t just give lip service to the line “Support the troops,” we live it.

The Army's Army's 1,500 volunteers and 50+ business partners play a vital role in fulfilling our promise of “watching over those who watch over us”

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Just look for our emblem and you’ll find someone who’s pledged to watch over those who watch over us.


The Army's Army partners allow our organization to have an even larger positive impact on the military and their families.
Many of our partners offer special discounts on their products and services to the military and their families. In order to provide convenient access to the discounts, the Army's Army created a blog that houses them, called "Military Discounts."
Army's Army partners have the opportunity to sponsor events and outings for military families. When the TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, chose to build a new home for a military family in Fayetteville, The Army's Army and the USO got involved in every aspect of the project.

Here’s a list of our partners who proudly support the Army’s Army:

Visitor Convention / Travel


Crown Center Coliseum

Real Estate / Neighborhood

West Park Place

Advertising / Marketing

The Republik www.therepublik.net



World Wide Language Resources


Car Dealerships / Transportation

Hendrick Chysler Jeep

Financial Institutions

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union





Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse


International Minute Press

Informational Resources


Business / Office Equipment Supplies

Systel Business Equipment


Cape Fear Valley Health


Meadow Walk
Senior Living Community


Arts Council

ATA Martial Arts

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Three years ago, the Army's Army formed in Fayetteville, NC with three members. Today, we're 1,500 members strong. We were so touched by the lives we affected in the communities surrounding Fort Bragg that the decision was made to make the Army's Army a national organization, helping soldiers and military families across the country.

The following individuals have pledged their support to the Army’s Army. By generously volunteering their time, energy and efforts, they are doing their part to help military families feel welcome and appreciated.

Here are just a few things Army's Army friends and members are saying:

"As a service-member's wife, I was truly touched viewing this [flash mob] video; it brought tears to my eyes to see the gratitude paid to this service member. Thank you, I don't know who came up with the idea but thank you."

"The Army's Army is doing a good thing here. They don't just talk about supporting America's heroes, they actually...organize events like this all over the U.S. to show their appreciation for those who have fought for our freedom. From donating free Christmas Trees to returning soldiers and their families, to the Rolling Thunder Motorcycles who pay tribute to the fallen, and so much more, Janine West and her staff at Army's Army are to be thanked for all the work they do."

"Wonderful. Just amazing that people feel the need to get together and do something like this. Thank you."

"This brought a tear to this old man's eyes...this great community of Fayetteville, N.C. sang ''America'' so beautifully, as an echo of thank you. I would like to thank you for this great video and I am grateful to you and all who went in harms way on my behalf."

"I'm a serving soldier in the British army...this [flash mob video] is a great show of appreciation to your armed forces. Well done."

"We want to thank the Army's Army because they did such a great job. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome."

Fulfilling the Community Covenant

example of the Army Community Covenant. Just as the Community Covenant "improves the quality of life for soldiers and their families at their current duty stations and as they transfer to other states," the Army's Army supports soldiers and their families in communities surrounding military installations and serves as a resource for soldiers as they move.

There is a widespread need for an organization like the Army's Army that provides relocation assistance and integrated community support to soldiers and their families in every military community throughout the US. Our goal is to fulfill that need.

The Army's Army in action

Here's what we do on a daily
basis for our beloved soldiers.

A Purple Heart Recipient meets a civilian fan.

We salute the military, whenever we can.

Volunteers show support during a street festival.

A little volunteer writes thank you notes.

The team puts together care packages for soldiers.

One army family got a happy Christmas morning.

Relocation Fairs are popular with new soldiers.

Another surprise for a military family.

Free X-mas trees for active duty and DOD families.

Signing up new members - even soldiers stop by!

Handing out GI Joe dolls to military children.

Rolling Thunder pays tribute to our soldiers.

New military families get the VIP treatment!

Opening of Veterans Park on July 4th.

Relocation Support

The Army's Army understands the challenges military families face when moving.
For our Fayetteville division, we created FayettevilleWantsYou.com, an online relocation resource with soldiers in mind to make their transition to the area smoother. The interactive website connects relocating families to local Fayetteville residents who are Army's Army members and partners. They are able to speak directly through a Q&A section while learning about important area information, such as healthcare, education, employment and housing options.

We also created a site where soldiers and veterans can reference the latest military discounts.

The Army's Army knows that selecting a new area to call home is a tough decision, which is why we host Relocation Fairs that give new families a chance to visit and become better-acquainted with the community. Fairs include planned activities, such as informative presentations from key community leaders, employment opportunities, tours of area schools and neighborhoods, as well as entertainment.

In addition, the Army's Army Executive Director keeps a blog letting soldiers know about items of interest in their community.


What is the Army's Army?
THE ARMY’S ARMY is the world's only volunteer organization of citizens and businesses who've pledged their moral, physical and spiritual support to those in the military. Specifically, we will do everything we can to make soldiers and their families feel welcome, appreciated and safe. We don’t just give lip service to the line "Support the troops," we live it.  

Where is the Army’s Army based currently?
At the moment, the Army’s Army base of operation is in Fayetteville, NC, the home of Ft. Bragg, the largest military installation in the United States. Currently, we have an army consisting of over 1500 volunteer citizens and businesses ready to spring into action at any moment.

What is the short-term goal of the Army’s Army?
We have experienced so much love, devotion and appreciation in Fayetteville, NC, that we want to expand to all military towns nationwide. We could tell you dozens of stories of visiting generals who see what the Army’s Army is doing, and they immediatly ask, "Why isn't there one at my base?"

How Can I Start an Army’s Army in My Town?
Just follow these simple steps. First, get in touch with our Executive Director, Janine West. We've built a thriving community organization from scratch for her in Fayetteville. We will send you everything you could ever need, including advisors, marketing materials, not to mention we'll happily give you advice every day of the week.

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How You Can Help

There will be Army’s Army activities going on all around town – whether you’re an individual or business, we need your help. It’s as easy as telling soldiers how much you appreciate their service, preparing special meals for their families when they’re in your restaurant or simply displaying our bumper sticker that pledges your unwavering support for all they do. It’s about using your creativity to do whatever it is you can to make the troops, veterans and their families feel welcome and at home.

There is no mandatory list of duties our members must perform. However, there are a number of activities, services and programs that need volunteers. If you’re interested, there are a million ways you can help.

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I, _______, do solemnly swear to give
my moral, physical and spiritual support
to the American soldier and his family.
It is my honor to
serve those who serve the United States.
It is my duty to watch over those who watch
over us. I recognize the Army’s Army
emblem as a symbol of admiration, pride and
support for those in the armed services
and will do my best to champion these ideals
for which it stands.
To the men and women of the armed
services and their families,
I voluntarily offer my unwavering
assistance, friendship and
encouragement whenever called upon.


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